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  1. Phil says:

    Wow – nice idea and execution! You have some good skills!

  2. Zizanir says:

    I cannot pin things from your site as it says Pinterest has blocked it, because it may lead to inappropriate content. I saw your site on Pinterest, but had to leave Pinterest in order to open your site in my browser. You may wish to sort this out with Pinterest’s admin as you could be missing out on a lot of traffic because of this. I’m very impressed with your site.

  3. Michael Morgan says:

    As a truss designer for over 35yrs. first let me say “STOP”! Please don’t do any of what you saw here without first contacting a structural engineer! One cannot just assume your roof trusses can support any kind of floor load other than light storage, let alone removing webs and adding new one with just a bolt that destroys the chords of the trusses.


    • Kyle B says:

      Michael – 100% Agree. I have seen far too many homes with storage in attics, especially garages where they load up the trusses. Most trusses are designed to hold the roof, not 1000’s of pounds of storage.

      I sit on a building commission in my town and the inspector told me he runs in to this all the time. The home owners always get mad when the he has to tell them to take it all apart, when in reality he saving their lives from their house collapsing, especially up north here where the snow loads get very high. Not to mention, you can kiss your insurance coverage goodbye.

      It is the engineering and physical equivalent as standing on a card table. Sure, you could probably do it and get by, by eventually it will to break.

  4. Lee says:

    Not to mention the illegal stairs without a landing coming down from the existing doorway. Another previous renovation with the amazing result of more square footage. I can’t see a bank financing this house if they ever try to sell it and a home inspector sees these amazing homeowner renovations.

  5. Gina says:

    it could be hot there in the summer..but it’s just need a lot of money, talent, an idea and a lot of time

  6. Joe Walshe says:

    I would not recommend this for a number of reasons;
    – No mention was made of strenghtening what was ceiling joists but are now floor joists.
    – All that timber and furniture, books and Gym weights will add considerable strain to the trusses which are typically designed to hold roof only.
    – In Ireland, fire regulations would require all doors on floors below to be 30 minute fire doors and stairs would not be acceptable for this new habitable room.

  7. Snake says:

    Fire Regs, emergency exit from a habitable room, F/R lining on existing ceilings below, as mentioned F/R doors on floor below, no mention of any of this, imagine your teen kid trapped up there, burning….. Do it right ot not at all, get an engineer to plan it and follow the plan, no cutting corners.

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