Woman Sets Up Tiny Feeder Cam to Capture Birds Eating in Her Backyard

There are so many birds that are still unknown to ornithologists, as most of them are wild and tend to fly away quickly when someone approaches them.
Lisa, or Ostdrossel by her alias, has a fascination for birds and set-up a tiny outdoor camera to closely observe them. She installed a feeder cam and every time a bird stops by for lunch, she can take shots and study them later. Since the small visitors don’t suspect anything, they can act as naturally as they wish and enjoy their snacks in peace.

One of the nicest pictures captured by Lisa is a close-up of a crow that has his beak full of kernels and looks like he is smiling or showing some teeth. Lisa’s feed is full of birds interacting with each other, snacking, or just showing off their lunch, and each picture is more fascinating than the other.
She also wanted to show the camera box to anyone interested in building one themselves, and it consists of a macro lens and a regular one on the bottom. There is also a motion sensor in the box, so whenever it detects motion, it will activate and take 10 shots per second. Such a nice set-up to have in your garden if you want to observe nature from a distance without interference.

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