Banana Jam Recipe


When in need of a snack, forget about the outdated and unhealthy snack or fat-filled dessert. A delicious homemade jam can be just what you need to put on a slice of bread in the afternoon. In the following tutorial you will find out how to make banana jam with the water bath can method. Unlike the commonly used pressure canner, which can be something you enjoy, or the freezer jam technique in which it can defrost and go bad due to a power outage, the instructions featured in this recipe will easily become your favorite. In terms of equipment, you will need a jar lifter, 3 crystal jelly jars with new lids & rings, and of course a water bath canner. Grab 2 cups of mashed bananas, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a couple cups of sugar. The result is absolutely delicious! More details in the link below…



How To Make Banana Jam
Author: Ellen Christian


How To Make Banana Jam – Ingredients & Instructions


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