Beautiful Country Club Residence in Mexico City

Located in Mexico City, the Country Club Residence is a beautiful house completed by Migdal Arquitectos, with many details and with a good attention towards nature. The residence is situated on a golf course in Mexico City. “Given the topography of the land, which rises up from the street, 3 layers were planned: the services basement, seen from outside as a contemporary “podium” made of black stone that supports the entire residence. The second layer is the public, transparent and light space with direct communication towards the main garden. The third layer, supported by slender metal columns, accommodates the private area. It speaks volumes, representing the spaces found farther inside. The third layer connects with the “tree garden”, which preserves all the existing nature of the site.” details according with the the architectural firm.

This house offers several stunning views. From the street, the stone material of the podium, contrasting with the beige marble of the upper volumes of controlled views, gives a public and urban scale. From the public floor, the view is of transparency and lightness. The interior and exterior are joined by doors and terraces, creating an entirely continuous space. It is in the far south-east where the reduction is attained of the scale to its minimum expression. The view from the “tree garden” gives an effect of absolute lightness, where the marble body with transparent glass seems to float over the grass.

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