Beautiful Gardens of France: Prieuré Notre Dame D’Orsan


Serenity and beauty can be found in the places where nature and civilization have come together in harmony. Hidden in the Berry Province in the Loire Valley, there are some beautiful gardens which will surely make you fall in love in a heartbeat. The green areas of the Maisonnais and the Prieuré d’Orsan are inspiring from the first moment you lay your eyes on them. The gardens that you can find there are filled with topiary designs and heart shaped green sculptures all creating an appealing landscape. Made by Parisian architect, Patrice Taravella, the garden designs featured in the photos are based on medieval monastic gardens which are as old as the 12th Century. Many if not all of the hedges are cut by hand, whilst the wooden structures, gazebos and chairs, like the one with the lovely heart shape at its core, are hand crafted with much attention to detail. And when you thought you’ve seen it all, cleverly incorporated into it all are herbs and vegetables that the chef of the place can pick and use in his delicious dishes. Enjoy the beautiful garden scenery at your disposal!


Prieure-Notre-Dame-D_Orsan-4 To the west arbours and arches


Prieure-Notre-Dame-D_Orsan-5 Prieure-Notre-Dame-D_Orsan-13 raised beds

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