Beautiful House Built On A Flatbed Trailer


This 196 square feet home is remarkably designed and built. On top of a 24x8foot flatbed trailer, recycled or reclaimed materials were used to construct a much cheaper and beautiful residence. Wooden pallets are used for the siding and the roof is of elastomeric or expanded aluminum. Every inch of the interior is used to the maximum. Carefully picked decorations complement the all white interior paint.

A large living and kitchen area share the space with a large comfortable bed on top of shelves and storage facilities. A combination of brick and wood panels and wallpaper make you notice all the little decorations that make the whole place livable. The interesting 3 piece lamp, above the cozy lounge chair, challenges the uniqueness of the lights above the stove and kitchen sink. All in all, this way of building a home is cheaper than a full house, and it also gives you a little bit of mobility as well.














Source : MiniMotives

25 Responses to “Beautiful House Built On A Flatbed Trailer”

  1. Macy Miller says:

    Thank you for featuring my home-made tiny house, DIY style. I designed and constructed this entirely by myself over 18 months. This cost just over $11K to construct, it is paid off and very do-able for anyone, really! I have been living in it full-time and rent free for the last six months with my Great Dane. The whole thing is documented step by step at my site, I definitely encourage ANYONE to look into this lifestyle further, less really does mean MORE!

    • Senthil says:

      Very nice…

    • heleen says:

      beautifully done, great job!

    • Abdadiam says:

      I really like it!!!!!! 🙂 and I just have a question what ($ 11 k) means?….

      you are really brilliant architect!!!!

      could I add you on facebook? Im really interested in tiny designing

    • Jonathan says:

      This is so inspiring, it is really wonderful and to achieve it for such a low cost is amazing!
      Given me hope for a project I have in mind, you must be very proud.

    • Maggie Elaina says:

      Really this all one person would need, you did a beautiful job on it, and rent free you cannot beat that.
      The only problem I have with it is the bed in the air program, would be a hassle to make and change it. Had it like that in a trailer once, and you had to sit in it to make it.

    • Richard says:

      Very minimalist! I wish my house were this uncluttered. How do you handle the land rent / ownership situation?

    • Annye says:

      It looks great. I just turned my single car garage into a studio and I moved in. I love it. Simple living :). Could you, if you wanted to, move yours?

    • Allicent says:

      This is amazing!

    • Leslie Iammarino says:

      I am very interested. Do you have to build it? Can you have one made and transport it?

    • Stephanie says:


      I absolutely love your tiny home. I am very interested in this as this is my goal once my son graduates. Now that you have lived in it for a while, how do you feel? I think I could totally do this since a big house to me is just more to clean, heat, etc.

      I am thinking about buying the trailer and starting on it since it will be 2 years before I can even think of moving in. Do you think you would put it on its site before you do so?

      Thanks for any tips or comments!


  2. April Perry says:

    Macy Miller……. what is your website…. would LOVE to see more

  3. My Site says:

    Heya i’m just for any major time period the following. I found this kind of aboard and that i in locating It genuinely useful & it taught me to be outside very much. I’m hoping to produce the one thing yet again and aid some others such as you made it simpler for me.

  4. Nick says:

    Why not purchase a 32-40 foot travel trailer for $3-4k and then use another $3k to make it self-sufficient? Then it’s already titled properly saving time and money.

    Not trying to be a downer, just wondering why starting from scratch instead of re-purposing?

    • Rob says:

      The problem with that Nick is that the travel trailers are built so cheaply as their main goal is weight savings. 1X1 construction, poorly insulated, and “RV” quality appliances, plumbing, wiring, etc. means constant battles with upkeep, leaks and other money-sucking problems. I’ve had many RV trailers and speak from 40+ years of experience.

  5. Kendall says:

    All this ooh and aww, it is just a trailer house, really.

  6. Joe Gee Photography says:

    Very nice 🙂 I wish I could build something like that.

  7. TJ Russell-Zapata says:

    Love it !

  8. Charlena Cole says:

    I love your idea my sisyer has made porches and enclosed part of them out offlat bed trailers nice idea and creative toi good job awrsome

  9. Michelle says:

    I think it’s Awesome I to could live in a home just like this. R there many variations of home’s ❔

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