Beautiful Log Cabin for $56,000


There are so many beautiful log home designs out there, so if you’re looking for inspiration you will definitely have a lot of examples to choose from. If you are looking for a spacious and stunning home for your family, this $56,000 log home (Kit Price) is a must see. The cool part about log homes is that they have a much warmer feeling than regular concrete homes with cold walls. You will always feel much more comfortable in a log home, not to mention that these are more sustainable and a smaller investment. You can find this gorgeous log home by visiting the Natural Log Homes website, a company based in Michigan. The home is called The Keplar and has a beautiful and warm interior, decorated with natural elements and luxurious wooden floors. To learn more about this log home, visit the website below and read the details.

“Keplar Log Home”       2204 sq.ft.





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  1. Sandy says:

    Do u have someone here in Australia

  2. Jeff Bockert says:

    Hello. I’m interested in learning more about the log homes you have for sale. Do you have a list of options and prices?

  3. Jeff Bockert says:

    Sorry, just read the text under the pictures. I’ll check their website.

  4. martha young says:

    Where is the website to look at more houses like these. This house is just so gorgeous I think my husband and I can imagine ourselves retiring in a place like this on our homestead. How do we get started on building something like this?

  5. Brian says:

    I need at 1200 sq feet log home could i get some quotes?

  6. najib rouhana says:

    Hi. Can you please tell me if it is possible to get a order and can be delivered in lebanon and what will be the full cost . I need a quotation and you can reply please on my email

  7. Brady says:

    Send info

  8. Georgina Gonzales says:

    Can you send a catalog of the cabins

  9. Chris says:

    There is NO way this home is only $56k….I don’t believe that for a minute. How?

    • Jessica says:

      It’s probably for just the shell. No “guts” so to speak.

      • Sabretooth says:

        i was thinking that as well. i don’t see where they’ve replied to to contrary.

      • steve says:

        perusing the pics, and having years in the construction business, i notice a lack of traditional framing on the interior. one has to assume that the interior walls are included, along with the statement above to it’s being “fully assembled, and ready for same day use”. for this price, i would assume one would either have to assemble their home or pay a knowledgeable contractor to assemble the project.

    • Scott says:

      $56k for the kit (aka just the logs). Kits don’t include roofing, foundation, electrical, windows, doors, flooring, or plumbing.

      So you know, just add on another $150,000 or so for the rest of the cabin.

    • Jojo says:

      Probably just the cost of the “kit”, or materials, not the construction.

  10. Heather harris says:

    How do u get approved for first time buyers? We r wanting to build something like this on our land my father in law has

  11. Kerry Adams says:

    Can u send me more info Kerry Adams 307 east chestnut street Harrisonville missouri 64701

    • S. F. says:

      Kerry, Just a thought. But you should be very careful posting your Real Address Online for everyone to see. Too many Scaries out in this big bad world now. Use Email or Private Message for info.
      Stay Safe.

  12. Sherry Kinch says:

    Is this just the frame?

  13. Denise says:

    Info on the cabins plz and thanks

  14. Barbara says:

    This is incredible!! I could see myself living in this beautiful log Cabin!!!

  15. Vonda Parnell says:

    Requesting information, models, plans on different cabins. Looking for at least a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance regarding this matter.

  16. Beth eby says:

    My dream

  17. robert says:

    Who built the “Keplar Log Home” 2204 sq.ft. – do they work in the Colorado area? I may want one. [email protected]

  18. kyle palmer says:

    Can you send me a brochure on all types of log cabins!!
    My address is 1910 spanish drive, saraland, al. 36571
    Thanks, Kyle palmer

  19. Darcie says:

    I’d like to see more plans

  20. Paul O'Brien says:

    How would you buy one like to know

  21. Wayne baker says:

    Send brochures please

  22. larry feranda says:

    Is the keplar home price with assembly.

  23. Sheila Kirkover says:

    Is this everything included? Or just the kit n you hire someonebto assemble it for you??

  24. Patti Scott says:

    Could you please send me info on these log homes

  25. Floyd skidmore says:

    I want one of those for sure n soon ? Clear it with the bank n ill be set

  26. Victoria Noble says:

    Would love some information on your log homes and location near Boise Idaho

  27. Tim says:

    I would like more information. A catalog, do u build this on my land? Is it available in Texas?

  28. Sally Naro says:

    This beautiful are there any in New York State for the same price range

  29. Jonathan says:

    How much to build that sucker in California?

  30. Gerry Frazier says:

    Is this a kit or just a shell? What do you get with this price?

  31. Marcus Cummings says:

    I was curious if you could send me some info on these log homes. Do you have a home with five bedrooms including the master bedroom. My address is 5444 carter dr House Springs MO 63051

  32. Mike Schulte says:

    Please send additional info.

  33. Amanda Williams says:

    I was wanting some info and some of these home plans mailed to me if that’s possible

  34. jason says:

    No heat, no plumbing, no kitchen, no bathroom, no electric
    No flooring. Just a guess but you can’t build a house with all of that for 56k. Not possible. Just a shell I’m sure.

  35. Vicki L Dubuc says:

    Need more info please.

  36. Dahn says:

    The kit is 56k, the installation cost of kit is 76k, then you have to pay for electrical inatallation, plumbing, etc, plus lamd, your looking closer to 200-250k for this house at least.

  37. suez says:

    Things to consider: Log shrinkage, air leaks, lack of insulation, wood rot, insect infestation. Pretty to look at but to own – too many issues.

  38. Victor says:

    Please email me full details of your log cabins.
    Thank you.

  39. Kathy says:

    Beautiful homes. Looking for under 2000 square feet and some ranch styles. Do love this one shown also. Thank you

  40. Jack says:

    Do you have any 1 floor plans that are comparable?

  41. Ruth says:

    OMG this is to die for is this really the price? I would love to look into it and see if they do shipping to the UK. Would be a fabulous one off!

  42. Billie Jo and Vincent Buterbaugh says:

    I want find out about financing one of the log homes. Need to know if you have property or just homes. Please send a email or phone number

  43. Matt says:

    Where is the website. Looking at buying this.

  44. Mike Levy says:

    I have a mountainside lot measuring 50 ft. Wide by 100 ft deep. There’s a six foot set back on each side of the width. What have you got?

  45. Jason Williams says:

    Is it just the shell? Send me information to my email

  46. Dianne Landry says:

    I would like more information on these you have a brochure you can send me..

  47. sophia woods says:

    I would like more info on these. We need 5 bedrooms. And what about financing

  48. Myra pippin says:

    I love the home. But, I would want more than one bathroom. I only see one.

  49. Christina Lockhart says:

    Please send me more information on the log homes. Thank you

  50. Jan Adams says:

    Would love to have a catalog of your different floor plans.

  51. judy cornwell says:

    I would like information on your keplar three bedroom log home can you send me a booklet and if its just a shell.

  52. Chris says:

    More info or brochure please.

  53. Dennis says:

    It just the kit price. That not including the labor to build the log home.

  54. Sabrina nicholson says:

    Catalog available?

  55. Ashley says:

    Of course it’s just the shell! Metal alone probably 15k, garage doors 6-10k
    The logs alone were 30K for my home. I’d say it’s the inside and outside wood only

  56. Gwen Kugler says:

    Would like a catalog sent to me please

  57. Suzie says:

    Like to get more info please

  58. Anthony Cirillo says:

    Please send me more information and a catalog please

  59. Holly Clark says:

    I actually have a lot in Tennessee I was going to build on..I am not sure now though, started caring for my mom in another part of Tennessee.. Hate to give up my lake Lot..its almost an acre on Center Hill Lake in an Area called Blue Water Bay with a Swimming pool and All kinds of stuff near town and boat docks…This would be perfect ..I might just sell the lot if someone was interested ..Life has changed so much for me now…

  60. Tim spencer says:

    I would like more information

  61. Irishlass says:

    Hello everyone requesting info on the homes and posting your home address might I just chirp in here. First im not sure how safe it is to post your address where anyone can see and your favorite stalker or someone finds. Also I see a lot of people requesting into about these homes. Might I suggest just googling other manufactures of these homes near where you live. This company doesn’t seem to care about you because they have never come and checked your replies and folliwed up with you. And know I am not in this business in anyway just makes me sad to see people asking for info and rudely ignored.

  62. Larry Lollar says:

    Can this be ordered to accommodate wheelchair accessible first floor ?

  63. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I would love to have this built. I noticed the 75000 for y’all to build it. Is this a complete build, wiring plumbing etc. can you send me info

  64. Mark says:

    Looks great fell in love it them BUT unfortunately here in Australia in rural areas and even close to cities the Town Planning/ building codes have changed and most areas are now under “Fire overlay/ plan” and councils will not allow these sorts of building because of combustion materials. I have tried 3 states here in Australia and wanting these builds in rural areas and councils say NO because of the fire regulations passed since the fires we get here in summer.If anybody can tell me where I can build these homes here in Australia I would like to know??

  65. Benjamin says:

    Right. Maybe for the outside shell and zero insulation and zero interior walls.

  66. Friis says:

    Do you have any sales to Denmark?

  67. Nna says:

    How to get one to Finland?

  68. Kenneth Perez says:

    Need one built on Oregon property. Love to get this same beautiful home. A 2 story would be awesome. Please send quote and whom contact

  69. michelle says:

    Visit Their packages (kit) include complete exterior logs, windows and doors, complete floor system, complete roof system and everything to get you to the dried in stage. They also have a builder network. Their homes start at 400 square foot on up to as big as you want. They ship world wide. And yes, $56,000 is the price for the KIT only on this one pictured.

  70. Grover phillipson says:

    Wood you please send a Catalog to me please

  71. Michelle Johnston says:

    Please contact me I am interested in this cabin. Thank you.

  72. John says:

    Just a dumb question.
    Where is the front door?

  73. Beth says: has online catalog of over 200 designs of log cabin kits. You can register to get prices on all of them. All of the log home places either sell the materials to you so you can build it yourself an save a lot of money or like eloghomes, they offer to build the shell up for you as well, but the labor cost adds more of course. Cabins are magnificent. I don’t know why people get angry when the materials to build a home is stated. Somebody said up there in the comments that it was misleading. I haven’t seen a single log home company say anything other than the truth. They sell the shells. There is a price for the shell. If you want somebody to come build it, it is extra. You don’t expect somebody to come build you a log home for free, do you? I prefer not having an interior picked out for me. I want to do my own. So having a shell built is perfect.

  74. Siti aminah says:

    Yeah my mother in law staying in Cairns

  75. Ana says:

    Yes, you’re right! it’s only the cost of the logs. No roofing, electrical work, interior walls etc. included. It says so on their web. For anyone interested just google them! All the prices are there.

  76. Alina Chiappetta says:

    I’m in Canada Ontario. What is your webside I’m interested in more design ideas. Thank you

  77. Matt says:

    Hi everyone.
    This is Matthias from Natural Log Cabins.

    First off we did not create this ad or set it up but we did build this Kepler Home.

    We are a family owned and operated business and have
    been in MI for over 30 years & over 300 Log Homes built across Michigan as well as some out of state homes across the US. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the process & what’s included.
    – Note: We do the Full log home construction not milled logs like the Big Box Factories.
    – We Custom design our homes and each home comes with a set of plans up to code as well as the REScheck
    (energy code compliance certificate for your area).
    – Every log is stamped and graded for quality and structural purposes.
    – For Mi Costumers we do offer the dry in packages which is in addition to the Log Shell Only Price that you can see on our Website at
    Dry In packages includes …

    -Complete Roof Systems with Pine T&G cathedral ceilings inside, 2″x12″ Framing on top of log purlins(All our roof systems are engineered for a 70 pound+ snow load), pine soffit, cedar fascia, Either 42 Rs cellulose insulation or closed cell foam insulation, & metal roofing( Standard or Standing Seam metal).

    -Window/doors jambed out, installed & trimmed out with log window sill(window/door jambs are carefully designed to allow for logs to settle).

    -We do now offer pre drilling and cutting the Electrical Outlets and switches into the logs(to make it as easy on your Electrician as possible) or they can be installed in the floor & non bearing stick framed interior walls.

    – Plumbing is installed in non bearing 2″x6″ interior walls and raised up 2″x8″ loft floor( Rough stick framed Non bearing walls & raised up loft floor is Extra but can be included depending on distance).

    -Subfloor system & rough deck framing is Extra but can be
    included depending on distance.

    -In most cases you’d need a General Contractor(Or yourself) to finish it out.

    -We do some Turn Key projects for close Costumers Only.

    Have a Great Day!

  78. Don says:

    I live in Texas …. would you do a shell in Texas ? If so what is included in the shell? And what would be the price for the Keplar
    We live in Springtown TX..
    thank you
    Don Whitt

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