Beautiful and Spectacular Garden Railway

You thought that you could have in your beautiful garden something unusual but spectacular ? Garden Railway is the best example regarding cool and amazing garden decor. Plants are usually an integral part of a garden railway, and dwarf varieties along with pruning are often used to keep them in proper proportion. Some go so far as to use bonsai techniques, however this can be very time-consuming for large areas. Buildings are also often used in a garden railway,though they too must be constructed to withstand the weather. Train stations and freight depots are popular, some even building whole towns trackside. This spectacular railway is a perfect example of what amazing things can be accomplished in a small area!

The blacksmith shop is shaded by a lovely tree …

Train travels over a bridge…


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Woodland Fairy Garden Resin Furniture Set

2 Responses to “Beautiful and Spectacular Garden Railway”

  1. Nancy says:

    Love the awesome pictures of the railroad around the miniature landscape. Went to the bottom of the page and was happy to see my miniature garden on the bottom of the screen. 🙂

  2. David Dunne says:

    Have to comment on the Railway Garden…Compliments to the Designer…every little detail shows and the opportunities to add to it only stop when your imagination stops working…I’m always on the lookout for ideas and this has my Brain in a spin with excitement of what I could easily do in my Workshop on wet gloomy Days and we’ve have plenty of them here in Ireland…

    Anyone know where I could get Plans of different layouts and Dimensions for the Buildings…

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