This Is a Tricycle, Boat, and Camper all In One Electric Recreation Vehicle

BeTRITON (formerly known as Z-Triton) is an amphibious camper-trike that offers you the freedom to travel both over land and water. Perfect for either long-distance adventures or recreation – a weekend getaway deep in nature.

100% Electric Recreational Vehicle – Revolution In Sustainable Outdoor Travel

  • Sleeps / rides 2 people
  • Electric boat motor with steering from the cabin
  • Electric bike assistance/motor
  • Integrated solar roof panels with Li-ion battery pack
  • Range = 2 days (31 miles land + 13 miles water)
  • A pot for your favourite plant
  • Foldup kitchen table
  • Cooling/heating
  • USB charging, GPS, sound system, etc.

BeTRITON – Boat-Camp-Trike


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