Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot


Innovative and unique, the Midget Bushtrekka trailer from Kamp-Rite is perfect for the bicycle or camping enthusiast. The one-of-a-kind pivoting wheelset and alloy wheels make for a comfortable ride over most terrain; safety reflectors and safety tape offer nighttime visibility. And when you’re finished trekking for the day, open up the included Oversized Tent Cot for a great night’s rest!

Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot


You can find  this product on HERE…

34 Responses to “Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot”

  1. Arnoldo says:

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  2. Sly says:

    OK, but how much $ and where can we get this ?

  3. Barry says:

    That’s a whole lotta hell no. It’s way too expensive and wouldn’t be good on any kind of incline. It would be like pulling another bike or two behind you. It’s about a hundred pounds by the time you get your gear in it. Nope, nope, aaaaand nope.

    • Eugene says:

      Get a motoped to tow this with, perfect combo.

      • jonathan says:

        these units are renowned for the rims snapping and the axles bending due to the weight,the cg is high the riggers dont extend out to counter wind or storms and tip easily, looks all nice and such ..till you buy one and find how shit it is pothole ..snapped rim so towing one with a moped go for it then please tell us your experience

  4. someone else says:

    Sounds like pent up daddy issues. Its ok Tom, youre emo tendancies are safe here.

  5. Pat Jones says:

    I believe that walks you through How To

  6. Pat Jones says:

    I believe that walks you through How To. Ok I already said that but I had written my email wrong and it didn’t print.☀️⭐️

  7. Gerd says:

    How much for one and where can you get one???

  8. Alan says:

    the link is in the article.
    On Amazon

  9. Cynthea says:

    Pretty sure that would suck the joy right out of cycling considering the weight of the thing why not lighten it up by only having lighter weight two wheels and some lighter weight stabilizing legs for when you’re stopped? It really looks like way to much. Too much money and too much weight.

    • jonathan says:

      It needs to be made stronger not lighter Cynthea, the weight on those rims kills any enjoyment..think of a old school pram with the same wheels….made for a baby..when apply 20 times the weight,have friends in America who bought one ..they got about 2 clicks down the road and a rim literally snapped on them,a better design would be to piss off the pram rims and double axle- and install a single heavy duty axle proper load bearing rims and wheel bearings to counter the cheap shitty build .

  10. Jennifer says:

    Would love one of these but to tow behind a quad..Are these already available..☺

  11. Stevo says:

    Trailer looks like a beast to pull behind a bike. Go with a ultra light one or two person tent and sleep on the ground

  12. Bill Walt says:

    Is very cool. How about using an electric scooter with solar panels mounted on the top? Plus u could put a generator on your tires for extra power or when u r riding in the rain (no sun)

  13. William says:

    For $850, I can build one for a lot less. And takers?

  14. Diana says:


  15. jonathan says:

    Be asking WHERE IS IT MADE….And please dont tell me China !!

  16. Doran says:

    I’m part way through a cycling trip right now. I started with just the tent cot on an extremely light weight aluminium trailer and my gear. Ditched the cot for a tent after a week. Way too heavy. I loved the thing , would be great for camping with a vehicle….but cycling…nope.

  17. Lisa says:

    It looks to be about $400 and some change on Amazon not in stock right now…… I think the homeless needs a bicycle and one of these might make an impact on their life

  18. Thomas says:

    Tom is right. A man should remain logical not emotional. If I want to hear about emotions I’ll ask a woman, until that day I prefer not hearing or reading about them. Good luck.

  19. craig erickson says:

    Pup tents are $30.00 and lighter too.

  20. Garraick says:

    Wanda men who share there feelings are friend zoned

  21. stevor says:

    Maybe if you planned to not ride too far but camp real long

  22. Sheila says:

    I have a nice adult tricycle and live in downtown Olympia, WA. You should let me try one of these out. I could tool around town w it. A lot of homeless here and it rains A Lot. Many have bicycles and would even pull one w their body. I would like too use it and give you a review?

  23. Gumby says:

    Hey, looks cute to have trailer and tent all integrated but heavy as all ?X?X to tow especially up hill.
    I have a Tubus Fly rack (350g) lifght weight tent (2kg) Light weight sleeping bag(500g) light self inflating mattress (500g) and Tranjia cooker (about 500g) so 4Kg or about 9lbs with no drag of little wheels allows me to ride and camp a lot easier. Sorry about not sharing my feelings….I have a bike so am complete.

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