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Many argue that a trip with your bike outside the city isn’t comfortable enough because you can’t properly rest or carry stuff with you. Though this might have been true some years ago, you can shut those people up when introducing them to the Lightweight Micro Camper. This 88-pound vehicle can easily be attached to the back of your bike and carried on your little adventures outside the city. It is fitted with a door, windows and medium size comfortable bed. But that’s not all! There are solar panels installed on top of the camper so you can charge all of your devices while being on your bike. Just imagine yourself pedaling on the road and having a quick nap on your trip to the woods or seaside. Available for purchase in 2015, this lightweight camper can be yours… Check out the photos provided to convince yourself that this is truly a smart investment.



The concept of Wide Path Camper

  • The camper is a small and light weight foldable camper designed for bicycles.
  • The camper offers a 2 ½ persons sleeping possibility.
  • Fast and easy to fold for transport.
  • High protection from the elements.
  • Over 300 L of storage space for the necessary baggage.
  • Simple and nice sitting area fast changeable to bed area.
  • Much better sleeping conditions compared to a tent.
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance makes it cheap compared to years in use.
  • Weight 40 kg unloaded
  • Solar cell to recharge the build in battery for charging phones and other small devices are a add on possibility!




29 Responses to “Bicycle Micro Camper”

  1. Kristina says:

    where can I find this??

  2. Terry says:

    I like it, but how the hell would you take it on the road? You’d have traffic piling up (angrily) on side roads, and the traffic on major highways would be pretty damn dangerous. Even when a street has a bike lane, it’s not that wide.

    • Awt Fell says:

      I guess we just have to go to Europe!

    • Thomas says:

      Agreed, this just doesn’t fly ( unless hit by the side draft of big rig )

    • David Myers says:

      I can see the possibility of taking this camper on dedicated bike trails like the Rails to trails in Citrus county FL – i have toured on some highways that have spce enough , but they are exceptions .

      • Kenna says:

        Indiana’s Cardinal Greenway would be another possibility. There are a lot of dedicated trails across the country, I believe. Even if you just loaded the thing and your bike up and decided to leave the truck in a secure lot while you went biking, it’d be more secure than a tent.

  3. Kim Moyle says:

    How much will it be selling for?

  4. Thomas says:

    sorry but no way, If it will fit in a backpack it will fit on a bycycle

  5. alan says:

    it wieghs 40 Kg. 300 Litres of luggage = 300 Kilograms…. I tow a Bob trailer (4 Kg) a sleeping bag and tent (6 Kg), plus food, stove, medic kit and spare clothes (8 kg). No brainer…

  6. Todd says:

    Rails to trails

  7. Dee says:

    I got a chuckle out of the sleeps 2 1/2 … does the 1/2 person sleep under the bed?

  8. wessonjoe says:

    foldable?? somebody doesn’t know what that word means. it needs to get shorter in the vertical direction for the claim to be valid. just about every bike camper i’ve seen is too tall to be safe on the road or off. this gem won’t sell. but nice try and keep slugging away at it and you might eventually get a home run. :).

  9. Bradicus says:

    Load er up.. make it the Deluxe model. Mount a 19″ monitor up front, use your phone as a Hot Spot, and watch videos from your laptop while laying in bed. Install a small electric generator on one of the wheels that runs off the tire of the trailer. Put a dry cell Optima in back with a 1000 Watt power inverter. Put the comforts of home in it, get it up to around 300 pounds, and scream wildly as it pushes u down a monster paved hill, bike brakes smoking, unable to stop The Beast! I’d use the hell out of it if I had one. Passenger could ride in it as I pedal like Lance Armstrong. Super cool trailer!

  10. Roger says:

    Awesome for an ATV on the back 40 or taking it up to your favorite fishing hole. However a few modes required; 1st change them narrow tired out. As for a bike; not very practical. 🙁

  11. Roger says:

    Awesome for an ATV on the back 40 or taking it up to your favorite fishing hole. However a few modes required; 1st change them narrow tires out. As for a bike; not very practical. 🙁

  12. Erin says:

    How hard would this be going up hill? Would they fit on the side of the road? It’s a very cool idea though.

  13. Angel says:

    I like this , but the gear you need to bring makes it to heavy, unless you bring it behind a motorcycle, I still think I prefer the teardrop trailers.

  14. Ivan says:

    Can this be pulled with a car?

  15. Lindsey Johnstone says:

    It’s a trailer folks and a very clever one at that. But it is not a camper, campers slide in the back of pickups.

  16. No Website says:

    This is different but I guess it cool if you have a mother scooter and time
    but at least you can get some rest if you need to.

  17. Alang says:

    it would be better if folded flat on the trailer then lifted into place. would make it easer to tow and being able to see behind when traffic approaching

  18. Debbie says:

    I wonder how it would tow behind a small micro /bike/car. Be a fan set up.

  19. Alice says:

    I was think of a homeless guy i know, but geez the price…

  20. Joseph A. Sprute says:

    if it had side expansions and a folding mattress you could ride with a two seeter and easily pull the less than 100 lbs. include power generation (electric motor) and make hill riding easy… @@@

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