Ukrainian Bomb-Sniffing Hero Dog Has Helped Detect Over 90 Russian Explosives

They say not all heroes wear capes, but no one said that they sometimes come shaped like a tiny, adorable dog. This four-legged local hero is a 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier called Patron and is a member of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service (SES) in Chernihiv.

Since the start of the war, times have been uncertain in Ukraine and terror is lurking just around the corner. But this courageous bomb-sniffing dog did a great service to his fellows and helped the group detect more than 90 Russian explosives, which have been spread around the area.

Patron has become not only a local hero but also a mascot for the city of Chernihiv and the locals call him the „pyrotechnic dog Patron”. He even received a tiny war suit specially tailored to his size and has a protective vest that keeps him safe.
The SES’s Facebook page even features a stylish photoshoot with Patron showcasing the suit and standing proud on the battlefield like the hero he is.


Meet Patron, the heroic Jack Russell terrier helping the Ukraine State Emergency Service.


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