Brazilian Flora Envelops Community Living Project by Laurent Troost Architectures

Laurent Troost Architectures has envisioned Co-Living INGÁ as a harmonious blend of urban living and lush nature in Manaus, Brazil. Located strategically near the iconic Teatro Amazonas, the project aims to invigorate the city’s historic core through private investment and innovative design. The development features six thoughtfully designed apartments, each enveloped by native flora and unconventional edible plants (PANCs), which emphasize sustainability and a connection to nature. The use of large sliding glass doors in each apartment maximizes natural light and ventilation, providing residents with an airy and adaptable living space. This design not only enhances living conditions but also advocates for increased greenery in urban environments, setting a precedent for future developments in the city.

The community-centric amenities of Co-Living INGÁ foster a collaborative living experience. Residents benefit from shared facilities such as a collective laundry, a communal storage room, a vegetable garden, a barbecue area, and a deck with a shower that offers picturesque views of Teatro Amazonas. By eliminating service areas within individual units, the firm has crafted compact and efficient floor plans that maximize usable space. The project’s contribution to the urban fabric extends beyond its immediate footprint, with enhanced public lighting and vibrant urban art by local artists Curumiz and Wira Tini enriching the surrounding area. Through this innovative approach, Laurent Troost Architectures not only provides a unique residential experience but also revitalizes a key part of Manaus, promoting a greener and more connected urban lifestyle.

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