British Parrot Went Missing For Four Years Returns Speaking Spanish

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures and their learning capacity is quite impressive. This next story of a grey African parrot called Nigel will surely leave you in awe, as he returned to his owner after 4 years of wandering around the world.
But the most stunning part is the fact that he also learned to speak Spanish while traveling. Nigel flew away in 2010 from his home in California, and once he returned to his owner, Darren Chicks his British accent was gone and had been replaced by a Spanish one.
Another peculiar thing was that he kept asking about someone named “Larry”. The missing parrot was found by Julissa Sperling in Torrance and she mentioned that Nigel was speaking Spanish to her, asking “What happened?”
After searching online for missing parrot ads, she found someone looking for her lost companion and turned out to be an entirely different owner. But luckily, she contacted the Animal Lovers pet store, which kept all their receipts from previous sells, and they managed to track down Nigel’s owner.
At first, both the parrot and Darren were confused by the meeting, since it had been so long that they last saw each other.
Now Darren says that he instantly recognized his lost pet when he saw it, he just couldn’t believe his eyes as Nigel had been gone for such a long time.

When Darren Chick’s parrot, Nigel, went missing four years ago he spoke with a British accent, but Nigel’s returned home with a mysterious Spanish accent.


6 Responses to “British Parrot Went Missing For Four Years Returns Speaking Spanish”

  1. Joseph Garang says:

    Wonderful and lucky owner for finding his pet but Who taught this pet to speak Spanish language?

  2. Bridget Doman says:

    I read an article in a newspaper a few years ago about a young boy spending part of his life in Africa (can’t remember which country). His family owned an African Grey parrot. The parrot had a good sense of humour. He was a very mischievous bird was always pulling stunts. He would imitate the doorbell but when whoever answered the door found no one there the parrot would crack out laughing. The family came to England, travelling by ship. The bird and his cage were put into the crew’s quarters I believe. The ship was from Liverpool and by the time they got to England the bird was talking with a Liverpudlian accent.

  3. Ella Roberts says:

    I would give anything to have me another parrot. I had one but had to go in a nursing home and had to let my son and daughter-in-law take care of him. She got so attached to him I just didn’t have the heart to take him away from her. I now live on disability and can’t afford to buy another one. Mine was named Pepe. I miss him so much. I would love to be able to get another one. Thank you for letting me tell someone how I feel.

  4. Suzan says:

    A well traveled bird and intelligent. But I would like to know who Larry is?

  5. Diane lapson says:

    wondering. There’s a show in TV on the Baby’s First network. One iof their must famous characters is Larry a parrot. ?

  6. J McCullar says:

    That was very kind of you, to let her keep Pepe. I know it is not at all the same, but parakeets are very inexpensive and although they don’t speak they are very smart. I had a parakeet when I was young and I left cage open for him He would sit up on top of kitchen hutch and when I asked “where’s my pretty boy?” He would fly down and perch on bmy shoulder and talk to me and give me kisses! Best wishes, and I hope you can find a sweet companion.

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