Budget-Friendly Swimming Pool Deck


When summer hits, swimming pools can become extremely useful to cool yourself. The comfortable feeling you have while being in the water cannot be replaced by anything else. If you can’t afford a conventional swimming pool, build one yourself! This DIY swimming pool deck made out of wooden planks is not only budget-friendly, but also quite nice to look at. Get all the creative details from this DIY outdoor swimming deck pool tutorial. You will build an awesome round swimming pool that has an incorporated raised wooden deck. Enjoy it with your loved ones during heated summers.

Buy a market version of a swimming pool, preferably in blue or light blue color. Use pallets that are available at nearby food stores, shipping areas, nurseries, scrap piles, dumping grounds and landfill areas, to build around it the wooden deck.



7 Responses to “Budget-Friendly Swimming Pool Deck”

  1. Sanjuanita Elva Vasquez says:

    Enjoy to see your

  2. Jeff hanes says:

    Can you please send me the plans for doing this in my yard?

  3. Caron says:

    Ooops….forgot the ladder 😉

  4. Allan says:

    Why would you put a ladder in a plastic pool? Besides, the pool looks to be about 3 feet high.

  5. Sandra Larmour says:


  6. Jennifer says:

    A ladder for getting out of pool. To the idiot who responded, why? It’s only 3′. I hope you stay forever young and can move with grace and agility. Punk.

  7. Jasam says:

    And sides of the deck are perfect as storage space.

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