Build a hobbit house in your backyard

Have you ever fantasized about the world of hobbits? With the tiny retreat showcased here, you can take a step further and actually live your fantasy! The DIY hobbit house in your backyard can be turned into a perfect reading nook or perhaps a tiny home theater. It really depends on your needs and -why not- imagination. A strong internal wood frame was uses, as well as iron and a lot of welding, so you can feel safe that the structure is sturdy. The entire list of materials include lots of timber, strong roofing boards, corrugated iron, concrete, Polyurethane, door & cabinet hinges, door knob & cabinet pulls, screws and nails, hurricane tie, and exterior paint. As far as tools go, keep in mind that there’s a lot of digging so you better bring a lot of friends into the project or have an excavator available for digging a deep hole. You will also require shovel and trowel, welding machine, concrete mixing set, sander, cordless drill and nail gun.



The first stages of the Hobbit Hole build begins with digging a big hole! A much deeper and wider hole than you need for the interior to cater for the protective walls and base.

The corrugated iron was used to seal everything in and the panels were all seam welded from top to bottom once in position and then finished with plenty of waterproof barriers. The base concreted with waterproofer and finished with further waterproofing and finally a levelling compound so there was a lovely clean finish inside.

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