Bunny Butt Cake Recipe

How would you like to surprise one of your friends with a funny cake at on their birthday? You can make this cool Bunny Butt Cake from Betty Crocker and bring a smile on their face. The cake is actually very easy to make and even the decorating part is well…a piece of cake. You will need a box of good quality cake mix, water vegetable oil and eggs. For the filling and decoration you are going to need creamy vanilla frosting, red food coloring, one large marshmallow shredded coconut and a few more ingredients. Then just head to the link below and follow the instructions in order to bake and decorate this cute little cake. Pack it nicely and hop to your friend to give him/her the best birthday surprise ever!



Hop to it and make this sweet and silly bunny butt cake for your spring party. Learn to make this recipe from Betty Crocker

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