This Burger Buddy Prevents Juices and Sauces From Making a Mess

A team spent just under two years to design and develop this revolutionary product, going through countless prototypes and rigorous testing. Now they truly believe that they developed a product that will be loved by everyone.

Enjoy the messiest burgers, mess-free! Burger Buddy is an interactive, hygienic, and eco-friendly way to hold your burger together, and keep all of the fixings inside!

Burger Buddy even expands for extra patties and more fillings, the elastic gussets of Burger Buddy firmly holds the burger and the fillings together. This Burger Buddy is available in the link below…

Burger Buddy on Kickstarter

3 Responses to “This Burger Buddy Prevents Juices and Sauces From Making a Mess”

  1. Glynnis says:

    Where can I buy this burger buddy???

    • Kelly Wellington says:


      What is is made of?

      Is it reusable?

      Is it dishwasher safe?

      Is it disposable?

      Is it recyclable?

      Will it be made available in fine dining establishments everywhere, or will it be a ‘home only’ product.

      With the information you have provided, I know next to nothing about this idiotic product. Why the F would I even consider purchasing it, when a simple paper napkin would fulfill its purpose admirably?

      Thumbs down on this POS, at least in this iteration.

  2. Tricia says:

    Interested in buying a couple of these

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