Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from $16,350

Standard Tools Needed for Construction

Cordless screw driver
Circular saw
Utility Knife
Tape Measure
Step Ladder
Caulking gun
Inexpensive sprayer

These log cabin packages are for the do-it-yourself builder.

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8 Responses to “Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from $16,350”

  1. Robin Latham says:

    Hi I would like more information about your product

  2. Annie hofer says:

    I want to purchase this are you located in Southern Oregon?

  3. Phyllis Dustin says:

    I am very interested in purchasing one of your largest Deluxe models. I have land to put it on. Who do I contact to get more information & purchase details?? Do you offer financing?

  4. Jackie colvin says:

    Would like to know if they deliver to California

  5. Lisa says:

    Do you have magazine’s?? Is this cumberland Kentucky?

  6. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    How can I buy own already assembled and ready to ship?

  7. Joy Halstead says:

    Site location to view Demo home

  8. Carla says:

    Interested in the pictured cabin

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