There’s Now Camping Crocs That Have Built-in Survival Tools On Them

Crocs may not spring to mind when you think of utilitarian outdoorwear, but the esoteric footwear label teams with experimental artist Nicole McLaughlin to reshape all the pre-conceived associations. At the core, it’s a regular clog, with a foam construction, ventilation holes and a heel strap, should you want to go full sport mode. But, in Mclaughlin’s usual style, it’s reimagined with a host of out-there additions. There’s a gaiter-like shroud that extends up the ankle — with a pocket, of course — and various jibbitz adornments that would often be deemed essential on a weekend camping trip, including a compass and a light. These are available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

3 Responses to “There’s Now Camping Crocs That Have Built-in Survival Tools On Them”

  1. David says:

    Your website will not tell me how much the camping crocs cost. Ads clog up your site and make it pretty dysfunctional.

    If you want to sell products, put the price on your website.

  2. Shari Colon says:

    Add a bottle opener,
    I would buy a pair for a friend.

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