Candles Decorated With Dried Flowers


If you have an adventurous personality like many in the handmade community, you will definitely want to transform those dull plain white candles with your custom touch. We propose using dried flowers to achieve this. The easy tutorial you see here will turn you into a master at this DIY art.

You will need:
• a pair of scissors
• some tweezers
• a spoon
• dried flowers and plants
• candles (one to decorate and the other to use as a heat source)

First, heat your spoon over one of the candles. Pick a dry flower and using the spoon, apply it to the plain candle. Press on the edges smoothly to make it stick for good. You will have to increase the intensity as the thickness of flowers grows as well. Be careful though! If your candle isn’t as sturdy, you could easily break it.

Take the scissors and cut off if there’s some excess flower. Use your creativity to fashion an interesting and unique design for the candle. You could add some natural looking pieces of grass as well.

There’s a nice trick you could finish with. Hold the candle by the wick and dip in some hot (not boiling!) cup of paraffin; be sure to have a cup of similar sizes as the candle so to cover all of it. One time is enough for the paraffin to give the candle a beautiful look, but if you think that wasn’t enough, repeat the procedure. Leave it afterward to cool on a plate. Light up one whenever you want to impress your friends!

6 Responses to “Candles Decorated With Dried Flowers”

  1. Lena says:

    At what kind of shops can one find/buy paraffin?

  2. LIFE says:


  3. Decoudream says:

    You can make other candle melt 🙂 (it has to have the same colour though)

  4. mandy says:

    wonderful idea!I’ll try it for sure!

  5. rasham says:

    Loved the simple demo of stitching dry flowers on candles and the paraffins dip for the final look

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