Caramel Apple Jello Shots Recipe


It’s a mystery of life why when we’re young we play pretend we have grown-ups lives, and when we get old we tend to act like children. But we shouldn’t stress ourselves with this; instead turn it into an occasion for celebration. And what other way to celebrate but by making a delicious dessert for your family and friends. You will need:

• a dozen small apples;
• some lemon juice;
• one envelope of caramel hot chocolate;
• water;
• a small pack of gelatin;
• 1/2 cup coconut milk;
• a couple drops of yellow food coloring;
• sugar;
• butterscotch schnapps;

Start with cutting your apples into half and hollowing them out. Then, in order to reduce the browning effect, just squeeze some of the lemon juice on top… Below is the link with all steps..

Caramel Apple Shots Recipe

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