Poodle Cats Are Unlike Any Cat You’ve Ever Seen In Your Life And You Will Love Their Fluffy Curls

All cats are adorable, but some are more adorable than the other, right? This is very true for poodle cats, that have the cutest curly fur and you’ll want to snuggle with them all day.

The breed’s official name is Selkirk Rex and it originated in 1987 in Montana. What’s specific to this breed, is the thick and curly hair that makes the cats look like poodles or teddy bears. When the first curly-haired kitten was born in Montana a breeder kept her and named the cat Miss DePesto.
Later, the cat was bred with a black Persian male, and 6 kittens were born, with 3 of them having the same curly hair as their mom. During the years, the Selkirk Rex was crossbred with other felines too, but now they are recognized by the International Cat Association and the American Cat Fancies Association.
In 2012 after research done by the University of Vienna, it was confirmed that curly hair is in the genes of Selkirk Rex. When it comes to their personalities, they are a very sociable breed, so it is no surprise that people get so attached to them.


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