Cheap Way To Build Your Own Swimming Pool



  • Design the pool.
  • Get a permit
  • Excavate the area.
  • Grade the ground. — You’ll want to even out the ground as much as possible along what will become the bottom of the pool.
  • Frame the walls.
  • Put in the plumbing. — Add the necessary plumbing for the pool.
  • Add a filtration system.
  • Pour the floor.
  • Build the walls.
  • Finish the walls.









26 Responses to “Cheap Way To Build Your Own Swimming Pool”

  1. Dave Holmes says:

    Nice idea – I’d make it even smaller, today big pools are a drag on finances and take time to keep looking good – the smaller the better!

  2. Heath Mendenhall says:

    That isn’t happening in texas :-p 16″ down you hit solid bedrock ! LOL Very nice work though 🙂

  3. J Neen says:

    Please for the love of god call before you dig. . . .don’t be an idiot.

  4. Sarina says:

    It is a pretty pool but the article said “if a membership was to expensive” this pool would cost more than a membership!

  5. Yorkees1 says:

    My question is….how do they add that liner? I mean is, how is it secured to the top rim of the pooland how did they find one to fit..OR…did they build the pool TO FIT that size liner?

  6. Marlena says:

    What did they use to make it look blue? A liner?

  7. Dave says:

    Yeah. Simple. The next tutorial might as well be how to perform your own appendectomy.

  8. karen says:

    rent an excavator for a day, almost anyone can learn to use one easily or if your digging by hand, use a jack hammer to loosen the dirt

  9. Cindy says:

    Didn’t look cheap to me….all that concrete..then…and tile….looks nice but not inexpensive

    • Quizative says:

      Yes it cost money but compared to having one installed. You could probably build this for under 3k. But to have a pool that size installed could easily by 40K. That price reduction makes it affordable to a lot more people. My father built ours years ago, way before it was the cool, in thing to do.

  10. Kathy says:

    I can’t find the video. Pleasesend video to me. Also how much did this cost?

  11. zvljml says:

    1 x 1 tiles blue crystal

  12. zvljml says:

    1″ x 1″ tiles blue crystal

  13. Diane says:

    Looks nice, but quite a few things were left out that are fairly significant. 1) call before you dig. 2) no photos of drain for the pool (but one is showing in the final). otherwise, you have a mosquito castle. 3) there is a liner to make the pool look blue, but nothing to show how to secure it. Also, if you have ever cleaned a pool, the sharp corners will be a bear to keep clean and with no filtering system all I can say is Good Luck. The first summer will be a blast for a while, then be prepared to expend the savings you made building your own on ER visits and doctor bills trying to cure the bacterial infections.

  14. Mich says:

    lol i like the part where is says, “put in the plumbing”.. uh ..ok! you have to run the pipe to water & another to pump, plus electricity to pump. ” design the pool & get the permits” you’d better learn how to draft eh. .QUICKLY. id have said skip the permit process.

  15. Eden says:

    Please, rewrite this article with a lot more information.

  16. Jason says:

    What did u paint over the block to make it waterproof?

  17. Andrea says:

    P!ease give more information on how to get a liner that fits the pool. Also how did you smooth the concrete in the bottom of the pool so it wouldn’t cut the liner before you put the liner in? Also where’s the drain. You didn’t show where and how the drain was installed.Did you dig the pool hole out by hand or use a tracter? How did you get the ground inside the pool level? Thank you in advance for you the pool idea and for answering my questions.

  18. Richard (jerry) says:

    God what smart ass people with some of ur comments I need I have to have an I need a pool it want tear an be thrown away every yr or so. so that being said thanks fer the info I want any info fer swim pools fish pool ponds an anything to do in yard to spruce it up my hobby my life is working in the yard everyday so I need new ideals just got new house so bring in the ideals thanks her.

  19. Logan D Potter says:

    Utility locates are up to the homeowner. Utilities keep no records except in public domain. Hire an electrician to fingers u.g. elec. Underground plumbing is more difficult, potholing is the only way to effectively accomplish that. If I were to install a pool, my septic system would have to get located. Grease trap and clean out is easy, but the field is unknown to me.

  20. Cordelia Leite says:

    At first I thought it was a diy grave! Lol

  21. Rue says:

    Good Afternoon Buddy, I really like your pool, has a very nice and slick design, what is the size of it, I want to see if building one just like yours would fit on my backyard, also I saw a comment that mentions something about a video can you please share the link if that’s true?

  22. Gavett says:

    Meanness and sarcasm not necessary. Try just asking the person your questions politely.

  23. Chelsea says:

    Can you please send the link to your video? Thank you.

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