Chicken Sweater Crochet Patterns

Winter isn’t hard only on people. Animals and birds suffer as well from the cold weather, some just migrate to other countries in order to find the climate comfort they need. When this isn’t possible, as responsible human beings there is something you could do: make clothes! The DIY sweaters for chickens are a great and useful idea you can implement right away.

Chicken Sweaters in an ebook! This is one of my best sellers, and I wanted to put them together in an ebook for your convenience… More details HERE….



This ebook includes the “Flouncy” which is an intermediate design, and the “Schoolgirl” Chicken Sweater which is an easy pattern. More details HERE….



This is a Camo chicken sweater with Juniper wood buttons that will keep your fluffy butt friends warm during the cold winter days. This sweater can also double as a hen saddle to protect your hen from those unruly roosters. Check it out HERE…

Find it HERE…


  • Lisa Steele on said:

    This is a terrible idea. Chickens don’t need sweaters to stay warm. Like wild birds (who also don’t have sweaters!), chickens fluff their feathers to trap warm air next to their bodies. Also, chickens sleep in nice dry, draft-free coops at night. Please don’t perpetuate the idea of chicken sweaters…

  • This is extremely bad for chickens, and irresponsible of you to spread the idea that birds need sweaters.
    I’ve seen this posted in several Facebook groups with many people showing interest in making these for their chickens, which horrified me. The result will be suffering chickens. If you cover their feathers they can’t fluff them up to insulate themselves. When they moult and the feathers grow back it can be very painful for them to be touched. The only circumstance a sweater might be helpful is in a rescue bird who has lost its feathers through injury or neglect – clearly not like the chicken in your advert. I have rescue chickens and have been given this advice through the rescue organusation. Consult an expert yourself if you don’t believe me.
    Please consider the suffering you may cause with this publication and remove it – better still inform people of the truth.

  • Chicken Mom on said:

    To all of the Naysayers,
    Have you lost your sense of humor? Getting a “Chicken Sweater” would be hilarious ? for any chicken ? owner. Especially if the pattern is included for the receiver to make more. So use your leftover yarns and consider being the life of a chicken parent party ?. Relax…. it’s funny.

  • Oh my gosh people. Give me a break. There always has to be someone to jump on the hate band wagon about everything. If you don’t like it … move on!

  • A reminder to anyone who thinks this is a bad idea…
    Aside from those chickens who live in cold climates…
    Australia have been burning wildfires (most deliberately lit) since November 2019, in those fires are MANY animals harmed by said fires including domestic pets such as CHICKENS who have had their feathers burnt!
    If u have nothing positive to say…. SAY NOTHING!

  • Carrie Lynn on said:

    For a healthy bird, this is harmful and unnecessary. Humans anthropmorphise animals. Nature designed them well. Humans need to step back.

  • This is not a terrible idea if applied correctly. I live in Canada, and our temperatures are getting down to -20 at night. I also have two leghorns that are going through a hard molt. They have completely naked patches and I can see them visibly shivering. My other birds are also picking at their new feather casings. I would find a couple of these extremely useful for those specific Birds until their feathers have an opportunity to come in properly. Under normal circumstances, with healthy Birds these are completely unnecessary but there are very specific applications where these could be extremely useful and potentially life-saving.

  • I agree with those that are against it, using a chicken sweater to keep your hen warm will only cause stress and heightens the risk for potential injury. BUT keep in mind that my chickens have grown up with them (some in my flock tend to pluck) and are completely fine and happy. I’d suggest using it in a way that actively helps the chickens and not just for recreation. Enjoy and happy chicken sweater-making 🙂

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