Classic VW Campervan


Traveling with style doesn’t require fancy or luxurious vehicles. Sometimes, a classic Volkswagen caravan is all you need to have a wonderful time going on adventures. You can make so many road trips and save money on hotels… Here’s one example of a customized Classic VW caravan.




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20 Responses to “Classic VW Campervan”

  1. Joy mathew says:

    Very interesting I want know more

  2. Julio D'Zambê says:

    Júlio I live in São Paulo Brasil

  3. Brenda Rutherford says:

    Is there a bathroom in this Classic VW Campervan?

  4. Cassandra Wright says:

    This is most awesome. Would love to see more of you on here..

  5. Rocky says:

    I had a WESTFELLA back in 77. It wasn’t as nice as this but still had a blast in it.

  6. Fran says:


  7. Patt Gutierrez says:

    Looking to travel in 2020. Always had VW when younger

  8. Marilyn Carlin says:

    Hope to cross country next summer and this vehicle fits the bill

  9. Christopher Mitchell says:

    UK spec. Interesting.

  10. Merle Alberts says:

    Love that VW motorhome. Would like to know more.

  11. Jeanette Trent says:

    Fabulous!! I gave no idea the cost, but if I could I’d own this and live it it right now!!! How do I see it or get information?

  12. Pamela says:

    Where can I find something like this for sale?

  13. J woods says:

    Would like to know monthly costs or weekly please

  14. Phyllis Ricciardi says:

    Love it

  15. Kelly sandoval says:

    I want one

  16. Lee Swidler says:

    Where is the location of the engine?

  17. Chris Darnell says:

    Is this for sale, serious only

  18. Tammy says:

    Wish I could afford something like this for my 21 year old granddaughter. She loves Volkswagen’sand always wanted a van.

  19. Mary says:

    I want one!

  20. Kara Bond says:

    I am retiring and would love to travel.. This would be perfect for one or two people… I want something just like this.

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