Cleverly Bed Extension For Your Sweet Baby


Every mother wants to sleep closer to her sweet baby, but sometimes she is forced to put baby in his crib. Now this problem is solved with the ingenious cot that will send your baby off to dreamland closer to you. The cleverly designed Babybay is easily attached to any bed in a few easy steps, so that your baby can sleep close to Mum and Dad – finally, restful nights again for the whole family! [ see co-sleepers in the next page]


Despite the fact that newborns only feel that vital calming security in the close presence of their mothers, many parents choose to leave their babies alone in their own rooms at night.




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23 Responses to “Cleverly Bed Extension For Your Sweet Baby”

  1. Terry says:

    BAD idea. Nothing like making the baby unable to sleep unless they’re with you. Ask my daughter about her first born…

    • Amy says:

      New studies show lesser chances of SIDS if a baby can hear his/her parents’ sleep noises. The theory is that it keeps them falling into a too-deep sleep that they can’t wake out of. All three of my children slept in my room – my youngest until she was two (because we had no space for her until construction was done) and she is the BEST sleeper! Baby number 4 will sleep in a contraption just like this, just as my other 3 did.

    • Eve says:

      My son is 2, coslept since 5 months, he falls asleep without me and just joins us when he wakes in the night. Babies NEED their parents. They need them while awake and while asleep and this idea that you’ll ‘spoil’ them by having them close is ridiculous. You can’t give a baby too much attention.

  2. Fran says:

    I think most breast feeding mothers would agree….. We would take any extra sleep available possible! This is creation is fantastic! Considering breast feeding is the best gift a mother could give. I would be more than happy to co sleep w my child to help them build their ammune system to achieve a health life.

  3. Zeina says:

    I think it is a great idea, where i can buy it? i live in U.A.E, is there any specific shop or i can find it in any baby bed shops?


  5. cazz says:

    I did this with my daughters cot 16 years ago. it’s very easy to adapt a normal cot to stay next to your bed and a lot cheaper!

  6. muriel says:

    Is this available in south africa? Price list please

  7. Danielle says:

    Hi, where I can buy in Toronto?

  8. Charmaine says:

    where can I purchase this – live in Windhoek, Namibia

  9. Magda says:

    Where can I get one?? Also live in windhoek ..

  10. Linda says:

    Where can this item be purchased. I live in the USA.

  11. maliha says:

    Where we can find it in dubai

  12. aly says:

    Is this available for purchase? I am currently in Japan/

  13. dalia says:

    How can I find a bed like this one
    I need one urgent requirement
    Thank you for your help

  14. Reddouan says:

    Please I need one urgent any body help how to find it in UAE.
    Thank you

  15. clacla says:

    We build something similar ourselves. We used a crib, adjusted the height to fit our bed and connected both to each other. Not difficult to do

  16. victoria says:

    I need the cot, hw much is it am in Lagos

  17. victoria says:

    Neeed it

  18. Farha says:

    From where can i buy this bed in india or dubai

  19. Vinita says:

    From where can i buy this bed in india

  20. Lois Gibbs says:

    Humans are the ONLY mammal who make their young sleep alone. I’m all for co-sleeping.

  21. MB says:

    Where can I buy this bed extensions for babies in Toronto?

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