Coca-Cola and Carlsberg Will Switch to Plant-Based Bottles That Break Down Within a Year

Companies going eco-friendly is a major trend this year when brands are becoming more and more aware of the environment and are trying to change consumer perspectives.
Ocean trash is one of the major environmental threats of modern days and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped every year in our oceans.

The Paper Bottle Company is among the leaders in changing companies and consumer’s attitudes towards mass consumption products and is looking for ways to help manufacturers reduce plastic waste. They make bottles out of biodegradable materials, such as plant sugars.
A paper packaging company, called BillerudKorsnäs launched its newest project in October 2019 and has been joined by Coca-Cola and L’Oreal who’ve committed to reducing their plastic packaging over time.
Carlsberg, the well-known brewery also partnered with the Paper Bottle Project and is working on developing the world’s first paper beer bottle which will be 100% bio-degradable.

The bottles are made out of PEF, a plant-based polymer, and will be hopefully launched in 2023. It is still a long way to go until all the companies will switch to sustainable packagings, but the fact that some well-known brands have joined the fight is a very promising one.

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