Study Finds That Colorful Road Art Prevents Traffic Accidents by 50%

The report was published by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Sam Schwartz Consulting and concluded that pavement murals can reduce traffic accidents by 50%. 17 street murals across the US served as a basis for the study, and the asphalt art helped the group conduct thorough research.

The group set up video cameras to monitor the traffic and it found out that accident rates involving pedestrians were reduced by 37% at crosses with murals. The Asphalt Initiative set up by Bloomberg is here to promote traffic safety while engaging artists in the process and advocating the use of traffic murals.
The group has managed to so far fund 42 public artworks across the US and also Europe, and raise awareness of the importance of using colors when highlighting or marking traffic signs.

Asphalt Art Initiative project in Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Read the full Asphalt Art Safety Study here.

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