Compact Apartment in Stockholm


Sweden is famous for its interior design store that brought the minimalistic concept as well as the DIY movement to a whole new level worldwide. The residence you see right now brings out that very essence, turning what would be a tight apartment into a cozy home. The discomfort of a really small space is quickly forgotten when wonderful design ideas turn the mainly one-room interior into a nice and functional living establishment. This is one compact home you would love to live in.


Even though there is only one main room, it is decorated and divided in such a way that incorporates the bedroom, dining, and entertaining area into one unitary space. The feeling of unity is added by the all white paint job which really blends all of the above together, with a stucco ceiling and genuine parquet floor signaling originality of the interior. Natural light comes in through the large paned windows, making the 4 wooden chairs and round-edged table shine. Many clever ideas, like sleeping quarters next to the kitchen, storage unit placed under the bed, and walk-in-closet with wardrobe fittings up to the ceiling, is what makes this space really work! With access to an interior courtyard fitted with patio furniture and a barbeque, it’s one of the best apartments one can have at this size range.











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