Complete Video Tutorial on setting up your own Off Grid Solar Power


Luckily for off-gridders, homesteaders or preppers, if your grid will somehow ever go down, you can generate your own electricity. Watch the six part video series bellow and you will deeply understand how to create your own solar back-up system when your grid collapses.
The first part of the series examines your needs with regards to the size and design of your system. The second part helps you decide on the necessary batteries. In the third part you are made aware of things that you need to consider when installing your solar panels. In the fourth part of this DIY series you can assess how to properly wire your solar panels. In the fifth part, you are introduced to popular types of charge controllers, PWM and MPPT, and you can see exactly how they both work. The last part explains the battery box and some safety items.

8 Responses to “Complete Video Tutorial on setting up your own Off Grid Solar Power”

  1. nancy kowalski says:

    Why are not the “clips” of the solar usage coming up? Nothing happens when I tap the arrows ..

  2. Jeffrey deemer says:

    I am so interested in going solar, I just bought a house and would like to see if being a disabled vet if there are any government programs that help funding going solar.

  3. David Nadas says:

    I loved this series. I have a Soar PV system on my home, but this gives me some great ideas to tweak it.

  4. Lucie says:

    Loved the off grid solar videos. They were very well done. Knowing zero about how the system works, I was very impressed with how simplified the author presented this complicated topic.

    Recomendation: if you ever develop an accompanying e-book, I’m your first buyer! I need to to read, highlight, make side notes, study charts, to truly study a complicated topic like this. I think I would attempt this DIY with an additional written format.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and not making it too overwhelming!

  5. Dave Thomas says:

    I am VERY INTERESTED in Solar Panels

  6. Joe says:

    At the beginning of the first video you mentioned cost and said you would get back to it later. I watched all 7 and either I missed it or you never got back to it. I understand that prices will vary for any number of reasons and total cost will depend on the configuration of the system but what did your system wth 4 panels ,four batteries and all the other components cost.
    $8,000 ,$12,000 just looking for a ball park number.

  7. Vishwajeet Prasad says:

    It is a good idea.

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