Converted Homes: Grain Bins & Silos


Turning a 1940s grain silo into a loft apartment isn’t easy but it isn’t also impossible! There are lots of examples that show what designers can manage to come up with if challenged enough. The converted homes we feature in this gallery are superb architectural transformations. From simple storage units to truly welcoming homes, the grain silos have been improved without changing much their characteristic appearance. The interiors have been redesigned to make them not only livable but also comfortable and pleasing aesthetically. Some entrepreneurs have given this interesting blend of agro-industrial with residential architecture a chance to be experienced by many, turning their structures into inns or motels. Browse through all of the images and projects to see the large variety of possibilities you have when converting your grain silo or bin into a house.



1. The Pure Air Cabin


2. Ehmke’s Scale House




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3. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Grain Bin Home


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4.  Three Old Grain Silos Converted Into A Unique Farmhouse


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