Cool DIY Idea: Painting out of River Pebbles


We are going to show you today how to make yourself a painting out of river pebbles. It is a cool DIY idea which is pretty simple to be put into practice. You need the following materials:
– Canvas stretched on a frame
– Wood board
Decorative golden spray
– Flat brush
– silicone
– Stones of various shapes
– Black acrylic paint

You can do one painting, but for highly decorative effect, our recommendation is to design more and place them one next to the other.
You can find materials, such as sand and gravel from the river, even in the place you go on holiday this summer. But if you’re anxious to get to work, you can buy decorative pebbles from decoration stores. The stones are glued on a wooden board or other substrate made of a hard material that does not break down under their weight. When painting the canvas, choose the background color so to harmonize with the rest of the arrangement.
First of all, for symmetry, use wooden boards of similar dimensions. Paint them black, then let them dry. Do not forget to apply undiluted paint to get a deep black color.
Secondly, draw some auxiliary lines with pencils – this will guide you when it comes to arranging the stones. Glue the pebbles one by one, with transparent silicone and fill the spaces between them with pebbles or sand.
In order to get a glamorous effect, use a golden spray for gems. After drying the entire model, it will stick nicely on the canvas. Do not forget to use silicone adhesive, because the pebbles are heavy.
And that’s all. At the end you’ll have a great and unique painting entirely made out of pebbles.





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  • Aurelie P on said:

    Your idea looks very aesthetic but remember that it’s better not to encourage people pick up pebbles from rivers for the sake of interior decor. Just like it’s not recommended to pick up shells from the beach, for pebbles it is the same idea. Let’s not try to use nature and everything else that encompasses it for our individual needs but enjoy it without harming it so future generations can also witness its beauty.

    • You can buy polished river rocks at A. C. Moore and other craft stores to make this kind of project and there are plenty of river rocks in each bag for a small amount of money. It’s a cool looking project and would go with just about any decor and it looks very natural.

    • Pebbles are not the same thing as seashells; it is not the same idea. There is nothing wrong with making a craft for your home using nature you found yourself, especially out of pebbles- something that is so plentiful you can find them pretty much anywhere. It is about as eco friendly an art project as you can get.

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