Cool Dog Vehicle Restraint


Driving your car while also having a dog around can be a bit unsafe. The downside of having your pet in the car with you is that you can get easily distracted as they tend to move around quite a lot. So if you have to travel with your pet, but want to make sure that you’ll both be safe during the trip, you should invest in this great accessory. It’s called Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint and will help you secure your pet into a comfortable position, just like a child car seat. You can attach this leash to any two fixed points in your car and helps you prevent your dog from jumping out of the car or into the front seat. The leash is adjustable, so it’s a very practical accessory to have around when you go on a long drive together with your pet friend.




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  1. Mike says:

    These do not work. The dog gets their legs tangled in the straps and it cuts off circulation and causes pain. It only works if the dog is completely still and calm in the back seat.

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