Cool and Unique Features With Mobile Bus Home


This next bus may look like a regular one, but once you step inside of it you will discover a lot of cool and unique features. It is a mobile bus home which combines the traditional elements of a bus with some modern ones. It was designed by Hank Butitta and it’s a real space saver, but also trendy and stylish. The interior is really compact and we can understand why someone would choose to spend their life travelling in such a nice vehicle. The interior is decorated with wood and several innovative ideas, such as a seating which can be transformed into a bed, that complete this great design. Hank Butitta bought the bus for 3000$ and spent 6000$ for the renovation. When stepping inside, you will feel as if you stepped into your home and not into a bus. It has a cozy feeling, being also very practical as it represents a home on wheels that will take you anywhere you want. You can find everything you need in this awesome bus, from kitchen, to bedroom and even a bathroom. And if you think this all sounds great, then just wait until you see the amazing rooftop skylights, where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a nice sunset. It is the perfect vehicle for those whole like to travel and explore the world, but who also enjoy comfort.





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