This Couple Pays $2,236/Month to Live on a 65-ft Houseboat in London—Take a Look Inside

Maisy Dewey, a dual citizen of the U.S. and the U.K., always dreamt of living in London, influenced by her British father and American mother, who balanced their lives between the two countries. Growing up in New Jersey, Dewey regularly visited London with her family, fostering a deep connection to the city. In 2022, Dewey and her fiancé, Harrison Kent, decided to make the move from Philadelphia to London when Kent was accepted into Kingston University’s Product & Furniture Design degree. They began an extensive preparation for their move, including selling their belongings in yard sales and raising $3,000 to help fund their transatlantic journey.

Finding a home in London while still in Philadelphia proved challenging for the couple, leading them to settle on a short-term rental initially. However, their luck changed when a real estate agent introduced them to a 65-ft wide beam houseboat. Despite initial skepticism, especially concerning their Dalmatian, Kipper, they were pleasantly surprised by the newly renovated boat’s spacious and comfortable layout. The houseboat, featuring a living room, two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a kitchen, became their new home for $2,236 monthly. They embraced the unique lifestyle, enjoying the blend of outdoor and indoor living and the close-knit community at the dock. Over six months in, Dewey and Kent feel more at home than ever, relishing their unique floating residence and the idyllic lifestyle it affords them.

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