Couple Transforms Grain Silo Into Amazing Home in Ohio

In 2021, Shelley and Matt Carter, an adventurous couple from Ohio, embarked on a unique and ambitious project, investing $100,000 to transform a grain silo into a charming 500-square-foot tiny home in Hocking Hills. The Carters’ unconventional choice of repurposing a grain silo speaks volumes about their creativity and commitment to sustainable living. The cylindrical structure, once used for storing grains, has been ingeniously reimagined to accommodate the couple’s living needs while maintaining a minimalistic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The silo-turned-tiny-home is nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Hocking Hills, providing the Carters with a serene and nature-immersed dwelling. Despite its compact size, the tiny home boasts innovative design features, making the most of the limited space. The couple’s investment reflects a growing trend in sustainable housing and repurposing existing structures, showcasing how unconventional materials and spaces can be transformed into cozy, functional homes that minimize environmental impact. Shelley and Matt Carter’s grain silo tiny home stands as a testament to their vision and determination to create a unique living space that harmonizes with both nature and modern living concepts.

The couple built the tiny home themselves but needed help dismantling and moving the massive structure

A photo of Matt standing in The Silo Cottage’s front window. Courtesy of Matt and Shelley Carter

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