Cozy Baby Crib with Moon Shape


If you have a baby, this crib with a unique shape of a crescent moon will adorn your baby room every day. Or if you are preparing yourself to become a parent, and you have a list of all the necessary things for your little baby, this crib could be a very good solution. This baby crib has a unique and cool design made from natural wood. Although made of simple materials with a rustic touch, but the look of this wooden crib is very attractive. It looks very funny with beautiful shape that is handmade. To bring this cute baby crib into a house, the price is € 900 or this for £358.00


  • 117cm X 117 cm
  • 27 kilograms




Also, a DIY Project in the following…

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  1. Stephanie Bates says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let whoever the owner of these pictures is know that your picture of the moon crib Is being used on a furniture website called Honeybee’sCustomFurniture on Facebook

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