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Everyone knows cats are formidable companions and lovers of fluffy objects. There isn’t a picture involving a cat, on the internet that hasn’t raised an exclamation of cuteness from the viewer. If you are among those persons, you will want to give your lovely pet a cute and clever nest. The hamburger-shaped nest is 48 by 40 by 16 cm and can be positioned everywhere in the house. Made out of plush, it only weighs less than half a kilo. Highly recommended if your floors don’t have any rug on them (or underground heating for that matter). This way, your pet can have a warm place to sit and relax for a while before curiously going on new adventures on your couch and curtains. The 2 pillows composing it are attached to each other in 4 points, leaving 4 holes, one in each side, for the cat to crawl in. Suited for napping or just hiding from any new guests that walk into your home, the cat-burger pillows are a sure way of showing your pet you care about it and will make sure it has a comfortable existence. The cuteness effect on friends and guests who see it is just a bonus!


This amazing Burger Bed is available here…


  • Denise on said:

    I came across your website the other day and it is so cool. how can i buy your cat products? I’m very interested. My cat will love them. Where are your prices for all your cat products you show on your websit? For example the Cozy CatBurger (I’m interested in many other cat products you advertise on your website) I look forward to hearing from you

    Thank you, Denise

  • red on said:

    Denise, Julia
    If you notice at the end of the article there is a link to where you can actually purchase the item.

    This site is a collection of information; They are not trying to sell anything.

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