Creative Ways To Reuse An Old Ladder


Who said ladders are just for climbing was most probably an uninspired technical oriented mind. The truth is that you can do more with a (big and clumsy, isn’t it?) ladder not only outside the house but indoor as well. So, step up into the wonderful world of DIY repurposing. Here are a bunch of creative ideas for making shelves that you can implement in your own home.

Try to transform the outdated double standing wooden ladder into a lovely flower stand with the help of some colored boards. Continue to improve your living room by cutting a ladder and placing it on the wall. This will be a perfect storage for books, photos and others of this sort. You could paint it in a bright color and decorate according to the room’s design.


The kitchen can also be a good place for the ladder will be useful as well as a creative design piece. With the help of some chains and hinges, transform your regular ladder into a hanging storage unit for all of your pans, pots, bowls, spices or ingredients. Just as good, the ladder can make a clever addition to the bathroom. Towels or bath products will look great on it. Also, the method works for a flower stand in the balcony.

Or you could break the ladder into pieces, paint them in different colors and assemble into a nice bookshelf or entertainment center holder. Look at the pictures and find the perfect style for your home. Be inspired and good luck!





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