Creative Ways to Re-Use an Old or Broken Garden Hose

Re-Use-garden hose

Have you ever thought about reusing your old garden hoses? If not, then you should reconsider, as there are some awesome ideas out there. Below you’ll find some of the most popular ones, that will make you want to start a recycling project right away. For instance, you can build a basket out of used hoses, place it in your garden and fill it with flowers. If you want a new watering system, you can always makes some holes in the hoses and your problem is solved. Old hoses can also be used to create furniture items, such as chair or small tables for your backyard. In you happen to be a more artistic type, you can create some fun artwork for your walls or a colorful wreath for your door. Garden hoses are quite cheap, but this doesn’t mean you should throw them once they get old. Take a look at the ideas below and gather your family one afternoon to put some of these projects into practice.

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Re-Use-garden hose-1

A broken hose can be used to make a cute hose rug.


A broken hose can be used to make a little fence. Very cool idea, right!?


Make This Whimsical Garden Hose Wreath


A broken hose can be used to make a bird house. Very cool idea, right!?

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