Creative Woodworking Dad Turn AI-Renders Into a Timeless Wooden Car for His Son

Truong Van Dao of ND Woodworking is one of the most creative and loving dads you’ll ever meet. His tenacity in making wooden cars that are second to none speaks volumes about his passion. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail he brought to life in his wood workshop was one of the coolest gifts a father could give his toddler son. As my fellow editor rightly said in that article, the creation is undoubtedly “more valuable than a $28 million car can ever be!” Truong’s dedication and craftsmanship shine through each of his projects, showcasing his ability to turn dreams into tangible, unforgettable memories for his family.

Now, the super dad has created a unique wooden car from a sci-fi series plot, inspired by an AI-generated design. This new creation seems like something from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, blending futuristic aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship. The vehicle’s attention to detail is astonishing, featuring intricate wooden cogwheels and a meticulously crafted cockpit. The design ingenuity is evident in the juxtaposition of normal-sized front wheels with rear wheels cleverly designed to appear chunkier. Truong built the chassis from a metal frame, then added intricate woodwork, carving each section by hand. Powered by four onboard batteries, this wooden marvel has limited speed for safe driving by Truong’s son. Every aspect, from the seating compartment and gearbox to the neon-lit, snail-shell cockpit, demonstrates Truong’s exceptional skill and love. This vehicle is destined to turn heads and draw admiration wherever it goes, a testament to the extraordinary effort and creativity invested in its making.

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