Cute Yammy Sticker


We just love wall stickers. They can be applied quickly and can change the whole outlook of the room. Sometimes if you have a simple and minimalistic room, a wall decoration can really make a visible change. They come in different shapes and colors, the variety of them makes it quite hard to choose just one, but we recommend that you use a maximum number of 2 wall stickers per room. So we found a cute wall sticker which we like to show you. This sticker is called „yammy” and comes in several colors such as black and white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and a lot more. It costs only $5, so it is a real bargain. We think it would be just perfect for the refrigerator, so it would remind you of the great meal you just had, but also in a kid’s room as it is cute and will cheer every child up just by looking at it.

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