Decorating With Skulls


It doesn’t matter if we speak about digital media, fashion or interior design, elements with skulls seem to be very popular in each of these segments. Decorating with skulls can be a great and also an intriguing idea as it can add extra personality to your interior. Maybe using a real skull as a decorating element in your home can be too much for some of us, but that can be an option too.
This way you will give a rustic air to your home. As skulls are a very strong element in the decoration be sure that whenever you place such a piece somewhere in your room or use something with a skull print, it would be best for the rest of the decor elements to be plain and simple. This way the skull element will pop-out and your room will look clean and stylish.
This case should be applied when using skull printed wallpapers and other decorations such as skulled pillow cases. Below you can find other great examples of using actual skulls or skull patterned decoration elements.
And don’t worry, decor elements with skulls on them can look good in any room, even in a teenagers’ room. Just check out the last picture to see what we mean. Just be sure that the other decor elements in the room are more minimalistic as many decor elements with skulls can have different patterns on them, such as roses or geometric forms. Be sure that your decorations are in harmony one with the other.




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