Delicious Breakfast Egg Muffins


When those mornings are so hard on you, breakfast is the last thing on your mind. We recommend you this DIY Delicious Breakfast Egg Muffins. Suitable for days you wish to spend little time in the kitchen and also when you need to feed more than one mouth. And that’s not even the coolest part about this recipe, but the fact that you could keep the muffin eggs for a perfect use the next morning. Here is what ingredients you will need for this recipe:

• a dozen English muffins;
• a muffin tin;
• a dozen eggs;
• lettuce;
• a cup and a half of `Bisquick` mix;
• half a cup of milk;
• 3 tablespoons of veggie oil;
• half a cup of ham (diced);
• half a cup of Cheddar (shredded);

Follow the instructions:

Prepare your tools for the awesome breakfast: spray the muffin tin and preheat the oven (400 °Fahrenheit). Take the eggs and break each into a muffin cup. Don’t forget to place a leaf of lettuce in all of the cups. Now, mix the milk with cheese, the `Bisquick` and ham into a large bowl. Transfer scoops of this mixture (once it’s all well combined) with the help of a spoon into each muffin cup equally. Place the tin in the oven for 18 – 22 minutes. Check to see if the muffin has turned golden brown and take out from the oven. After 5 minutes of letting them cool off a bit, remove from the tin and place between half-cut muffins. It’s delicious!

34 Responses to “Delicious Breakfast Egg Muffins”

  1. Renee says:

    Is the egg, and the bisquick mixture all cooked at once in one muffin cup. The pictures show something entirely different. Or, am I missing something?

    • AlvildusNorway says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Confusing.

    • Rache says:

      What is bisquick ??

    • kyle says:

      i think both of them are not cooked all together, they cooked separately

    • Taunya says:

      What is the Bisquick needed for? I don’t eat boxed food, that’s defeats the entire purpose of a quick HEALTHY meal at home… I’ll use the stove, the OVEN cost too much to make eggs… lol

      • Robin says:

        My mother-in-law adds a little biscuit mix to scrambled eggs to make them light. I’m guessing that is what is happening here.

    • Lambiekin says:

      Just mix the milk with cheese, the `Bisquick` and ham into a large bowl then pour it into each muffin cup (the eggs were already in the muffin cups from previous step) 😉

    • Helen says:

      I know, it’s confusing isn’t it? I want to try it but the pictures don’t correspond with the instructions???

  2. Dawn says:

    That’s spinach, not lettuce…

    • Jarrid S. says:

      I totally agree! You can´t heat lettuce as it smells and tastes horrible when you do so… trust me, I had put some lettuce in a sandwich and then heated it… the lettuce gets brown, smelled badly strong and tasted awfull!!!

  3. Danni says:

    Love it!! over eggs you put mixture on it. It is easy and its not confusing!!

  4. Nancy L. says:

    The pictures do look deseaving for sure.

    Due to diabetic issues you can also just put cupcake papers into the muffin tin…scrabble the eggs and add your toppings and completely ignore the Bisquick.

    I have also done a quick “wipe” in each muffin tin using the wrapper from a stick of butter to oil the pan and poured the egg mixture directly into the muffin tins.

    I prefer the scrabbled myself because then I can put them into the freezer and pull them out when necessary with a quick trip to the microwave of 15 seconds and ready to eat.

  5. Sherry H says:

    It is all baked together….the pic with the eggs have been flipped over, the bisquick mixture is on the bottom…

    • Loren says:

      No, I don’t think so. The egg would not be so white and perfect if we were looking at them bottom side up. Plus they taper down, like a muffin tin. Egg is clearly cooked on top in the photo with English muffins.

  6. Marisa says:

    The pictures appear to be two different things. You can do egg with spinach and an English muffin OR scrambled eggs with bisquick and the other stuff.

  7. Jackie F. says:

    Your recipe is confusing and so are the pictures, The green vegetable in the cupcake tin appears to be spinach. Lettuce would never cook well and was not meant to be cooked. Spinach is a better healthier choice. Also, the finished product in the plastic container has no bisquick or cheese on it. Looks like just poached eggs or in this case baked eggs with spinach and pepper. What are the 3 pictures to the right supposed to be? That looks like a totally different recipe. Please clarify your recipe step by step with pictures appropriate for each step of the recipe to make it easier to understand. It does sound like a great idea, but just needs clarification.

  8. lisa says:

    its really not confusing if you read it

  9. Vicky says:

    Oven temperature?…

  10. Leah says:

    I did not use any biscuit mix at all. I mixed everything up like I was making an omelet and put that in the tins. They were great for a quick fast breakfast, and I made extra to freeze. My son would just throw them in the toaster oven and carry it out the door.

  11. Lori says:

    Recipe was confusing, why do you need the biscuit mix if you put them on an English muffin? Will try it w/o biscuit mix for a quick breakfast sandwich.

  12. Reannon Haskins says:

    It is simple, this is not rocket science….there are two different recipe items.
    Recipe #1: place 1 egg and a few leaves of spinach season as desired into the greesed muffin tin I would say you could pre heat the oven to 350 bake 10 min place on a toasted English muffin
    Recipe #2: is a breakfast muffin bisquick/ or whatever biscut like glutton free anything you special food item needs are use that… in a mixing bowl your choice of add ins (ham sausages bacon cheese scrambled egg) personally I would but in cheese bacon chunks crack an egg on top and season it, I prefer nature’s seasoning. I would say you could bake that at 350 for 10-12 min.


    • Jenn says:

      Perhaps you think it’s simple because you have a lot of experience cooking and so you can take a terribly written recipe and figure out what it wants us to do. Perhaps not. Either way, this is in fact a very poorly written recipe, and not just by good recipe standards, but also by English language and grammar standards. Almost everyone who posted is asking the same questions for clarification, indicating that the recipe needs revision.

      Moving on to your interpretation! Your lack of punctuation and what I can only assume is simply poor grammar makes it very hard to figure out what you’re trying to communicate, too. I also don’t know how you got two recipes out of the one in the caption, because I read it several times and it does not even imply in any way that there are two different situations going on here. In the end, I guess we appreciate you trying to help, but your post is just as retarded as the original “recipe.”

  13. Patty says:

    I believe the pictures are depicting the fact that the recipe can be easily adjusted to suite individual preferences. The eggs look scrambled in one photo & if you notice the top right photo it looks like tom2atos have been added …. Be creative & enjoy … Thank you for the ideas 🙂

  14. Kay Peveto says:

    Awesome page you have here. Good stuff here to peruse. Looking forward to seeing more. Only hope to have more hours to stay longer.

  15. Noelbear says:

    I believe that the pictures are showing the versatility of the recipe. The picture with the English muffins and cooked eggs in plastic container is one idea for those hurried days., the others are are for when time is not an issue. Just my thoughts based on this line: ” Suitable for days you wish to spend little time in the kitchen and also when you need to feed more than one mouth.”

  16. Louise says:

    I read this “recipe” four times and started think I may have a had a stroke….none of it made sense…..then I read some of the comments and felt much better! 🙂 I have been cooking for over 45 years and use recipes from the internet on a constant basis. I have never encountered a recipe so poorly organized or confusing. Who ever edits or proof reads for this site was obviously having a bad day! Ms. Haskins, thank you for the clarification,all be it quite rudely stated.

  17. Andy says:

    Thanks Reannon for clearing that up – yes, there are two recipes here! I made #1 except instead of a metal muffin tin I used a silicone muffin pan by OvenArt (on sale now on Amazon for only $10 It turned out great and the egg muffins didn’t stick at all even without the greasing because it’s silicone.

  18. Cynthia Daniel says:

    Horribly, written recipe, whoever, does the proof reading skipped editing class.

  19. ann says:

    It is spinach,because nobody puts lettuce to cook like that. this looks like somebody ripped off the recipe but forgot to read the method and had to make it up.

  20. Lora says:

    The recipe is confusing, but I agree that the pictures show how versatile the recipe can be. I would use spinach and the Bisquick mixture, when baked, will form a type of crust. I am trying this and will report on the outcome.

  21. Britt says:

    Loll!! I can’t stand that either!! It’s like, if you decide to write ANYTHING online, especially something that’s supposed to be somewhat useful/helpful/informative, then it MUST be well-written.. I so agree with you lol!!

  22. Kathleen says:

    I would replace the lettuce with either spinach or kale & definitely not use the bisquick quick is terrible for you. If you want to lighten up the scrambled eggs replace part of the milk with water. The pictures are just to show you a variety of options, I believe.

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