Delicious Egg Cobbler


The table seems so empty without some sort of original dish? You don’t want Christmas to be a dull and boring holiday, but yearn to impress your friends and family with a wonderful and yet simple dinner? Then you should definitely try this recipe for a delicious egg cobbler. It only takes:

• 2 loaves of bread;
• 4 eggs;
• 3 tomatoes;
• 500 g of ham;
• 150 g of cheese;
• 100 g of butter;
• 150 g of milk;
• salt and pepper;

So, the ingredients aren’t that sophisticated. And the process to transform them into a tasty meal is also as simple. Start by cutting the bread into slices. Apply a light coating of butter on each. Grease a circular baking pan with butter and put the bread in it. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into thin circles. Cut the ham into slices of the same thickness. Put a slice of tomato and one of ham between the slices of bread.

Then, beat the eggs with milk, salt and pepper. Pour beaten eggs on top of the loaves.
Sprinkle some cheese grate also. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake until the cobbler gets a nice crisp golden color. Enjoy this simple dish which turned your Christmas table into a real holiday treat.

6 Responses to “Delicious Egg Cobbler”

  1. TAG says:

    It looks like this recipe has been translated from something into English. That mean metric units and more importantly Celsius instead of Fahrenheit for oven temperatures. 180C is about 350F. I think that might be important if you want to actually brown the cobbler.

  2. kareen strathearn says:

    yom yum

  3. portelance says:

    quelle sorte de pain faut il car la on dirait de la brioche

  4. Margriet says:

    I will trie this ,looks delicious!

  5. Sidy says:

    Este delicioasa, am facut-o de multe ori. Si in mai multe feluri.
    Trebuie sa incers si acesta forma minunata. Multumesc !
    Uite :

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