DIY Action Figure Lamp


So this next DIY idea will blow every comic book fan’s mind away. It a super cool action figure lamp, that you can make at home for yourself or as a Christmas gift for a real action hero enthusiast. It will be such a great and eclectic piece of decor foe any room and making it is much easier than you would think. Now’s the time to dig out all your childhood action star figures and recycle them for a greater good. The basic idea behind this lamp is to glue the action figures together, spray paint them and attach the whole composition to a lamp. Then just find the right spot for this cool lamp or the nicest wrapping paper and you have an awesome and recycled Christmas gift.


Step 1: What you’ll need


  • action figures (more info below)
  • spray paint – I’m doing white and then gold for better coverage
  • x-acto knife for cleanup and trimming
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • E6000 glue (the only type I recommend)
  • super glue of choice
  • painter’s tape
  • lamp

Step 2: Mask and sand the lamp


Step 3: Assemble and glue your action figures


Step 4: Remove the tape and check for any issues


2 Responses to “DIY Action Figure Lamp”

  1. Ashley R. says:

    I almost think for a 6 year old boy ( im making one for that age) it would look good without paint. im not sure though

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