DIY Aurora Jungle-Juice


The following drink will be the star of your next party. It is easy to prepare and combined with ice makes it the perfect cooler for summer nights. Forget about the cocktails you usually drink during nights you go out, this is much better! And not to mention you are the one who can make this, whenever and wherever you are. You can serve this drink after a barbeque or a piece of cake, it will be delicious either way. You will need the following ingredients:

• 1 liters of gin or vodka;
• 4 liters of tonic water;
• 2 bottles of Roses Mojito Passion (you can also use pink lemonade);
• ice;

Mix the ingredients in a large bowl, but leave out the ice. Stir well, until all the flavors are combined and add ice at the end when you serve them. Your drink should have a nice color, almost light those glow sticks used at parties, that’s why it will be perfect for special occasions. Remember to serve with a smile on your face, nothing compares to good and polite serving. Pour the drink in cocktail glasses and your party is ready to start. Enjoy everything with the help of our DIY tutorial.


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