DIY Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber for only $50.00


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home in a beautiful and affordable way? Then you should consider building a sidewalk for your home using recycled lumber. And when we said affordable we were talking about $50, as this is exactly what this project will cost you. First of all, you will have to find some pieces of wood that can be recycled then think about the shape your sidewalk is going to have. This is very important, as you’ll have to make sure that you have enough wood necessary for your project. Then you can start working on the aspect of the wood, polishing it and giving it a nice, natural color. For more information on how to build the sidewalk and detailed instructions, please visit the link below (Instructables).




The wood

Sidewalk-3 The wood from the old deck was very weathered on the top side from years of exposure.

The tools





The layout and design






more details here…

3 Responses to “DIY Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber for only $50.00”

  1. Shelley S says:

    Very pretty, but isn’t this slippery in the snow?

    • Sab Edwards says:

      thats what I was wondering as well!!! and how well does it do when the ground heaves from frost?

  2. sue says:

    So this is wood lying on top of wood which is in contact with the ground (the green wood you see in the pictures)? How do you prevent wood rot and termite infestations?

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