DIY Bedroom Ideas with Cutting Edge Stencils


Decorating your home could be an ordeal if you plan to change a lot of the structure in the re-design process. The bedroom is particularly difficult to give a fresh new look because of the main elements – bed, nightstands, closet- which must have their specific position in a room. So a complete makeover will take a lot of work and effort. Alternatively, the same beautiful result can be achieved with some cutting edge stencils. Check out this lovely collection of DIY bedroom ideas. Applying the stencils on the walls won’t take a lot of time and the effect isn’t that permanent, so it’s much easier than a re-structuring. There are lots of styles you could choose from, each having a different effect on the design of your bedroom. The different shades of green, gray, blue can have a powerful impact on the ambient in the room. So when you consider a redesign, remember that making the bedroom beautiful could be this easy with cutting edge stencils! Choose one of these solutions for your décor and you won’t regret it.

1. DIY Damask Stencil – Damask Stenciling Instructions, Learn How To Stencil Step by Step




diy-stencils-bedroom-ideas10 available here


  • Stencil(s)
  • Sample board (poster board, cardboard etc)
  • Latex or acrylic paints, including some basecoat paint
  • Dense foam roller with rounded ends, stencil brushes
  • Paint tray or a large styrofoam plate
  • Sea sponge or utility sponge for background faux finish
  • Low tack painter’s tape, spray adhesive (optional)
  • Cutting Edge Stencil Level
  • Paper towels or rag, cleaning tools & liquid soap
  • Chip brush
  • Step ladder (optional)


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